Cool Dracarys shirt and hoodie

Shirts available. I’m selling this one guys : I have Rapbeh, Faketaxi, Game of thrones, Gangbang and etc Dracarys shirt designs. Pm me people if u want to order. Want a shirt based on your favorite characters? Just send us a message and we will give you a quote and mock-up of the design.

Dracarys shirt
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If you love this Dracarys shirt then click buy it now! her and my lil niece watchin pretty lil liars… I was on my laptop but couldnt help but to notice the scene where the girl gotten drunk and was all over the guy,unbutton his shirt and everything,then just like that he stopped her and told her he couldnt take advantage of her like that and made her go to sleep. lolz like any intoxicated guy would do that… next morning, she wakes up on his couch and was supposedly late for school.

Dracarys guys shirt
Dracarys guys shirt

then as she bid farwell to him. she apologized for being too drunk and probably sayin sum stuff she didnt meant to say. he reassured her that its fine and gave her a passionate french kiss. how gross! i mean she didnt gargle or even brush her teeth yet. i dont believe i could ever do that Dracarys shirt.

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