Just fook him up McGregor t-shirt

From my black garden: here’s just a little update for those of you who’ve been waiting as patiently as I have been for this Black Sunflower to bloom! Everyday she gets closer and closer. The struggle of today is the strength of…nah I’m jk, this is just a pic of me up against a fence with a wrinkled ass shirt.

Just fook him up Conor McGregor shirt

Offcial Just fook him up Conor McGregor shirt

Just fook him up Conor McGregor ladies shirt

Just fook him up Conor McGregor shirt is theatrical. Entertaining. More suitable for WWE. The amount of insults hurled by him are quite disrespectful to the boxing world. But hell, that’s how they make money nowadays. Floyd Mayweather committed suicide by engaging the verbal assaults. He was not built for that. He shud’ve just shut the fook up. And teach Conor some manners in the ring instead. if that dude Just fook him up Conor McGregor shirt In the middle of the fight just says “FOOK DE RULES” and head kick this nigga and knock him out he’ll be legendary in a really fucked up but funny ass way.

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