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At this point, I’d rather see a Megadeth tribute band than see Metallica again.

Cohen says he worked “at the direction of a candidate forfederal office,” ostensibly Trump, for the purpose of influencing the Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Hoodie. He has pleaded guilty to five counts of tax evasion, two counts related to an illegal campaign contribution and one count of making a false statement. Robert G Elmore We live in a different world than we did 30 seconds ago Robert, a lot has changed. trump is the problem, he has done all of this to himself. He IS a target of the Mueller investigation and that’s his fault, not the FBI or Democrats. When Manafort flipped last week, it was the silver bullet Mueller has been looking for, to believe otherwise is plain hogwash. trump will be held accountable as he should be. Randy Graves Exactly, she’s not running anymore, she’s gone, down the road, private citizen. This election will be a referendum on trump, there’s no Hillary to blame anymore.


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I know this be blocked buster. God bless you Dwyane Johnson for sharing and your beautiful family.  I know this will be another box office hit. You just keep putting out awesome movies. Keep us posted, love these trailers. As always be Blessed, and stay humble, my friend. I would not want no dead man’s fat in mouth. If I was Zac I would told you to eat it. I still can’t wait to see this movie. After watching you in Wrestling and in movies, your sense humor has rubbed off on me. I am very funny and can make anyone laugh. I have been dying to see this movie. Hello bruddah

My name is william Hard Rock Cafe Deathstar Hoodie. I love your work as a wrestler actor and a inspirational person. But this is not about me.

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