I smoke cigars and i know things shirt

I don’t know when we became a society of telling other what they can or can not do with themselves or their bodies. You want to smoke a cigar, do it. You’re grown. Enjoy your cigar. For me it’s a glass of wine or a Margarita every once in awhile. People can be so judgmental and invasive. Enjoy your cigar. That’s What I Do I Smoke Cigars And I Know Things.

That’s what do i smoke cigars and i know things shirt

We called him Uncle Bud. I guess he was some distant uncle, at least a cousin. His and my Grandfather shared the same last name and grew up in the same corner of the county. My Grandfather called him a cousin. I don’t know why we called him Uncle Bud. Maybe that’s the way things were back then.
He lived in a white frame house on the corner. The house had a lot of windows and green shutters. A covered carport out back. All that’s gone now. The house just disappeared while I was trying out for college. Someone came by and put in a parking lot.

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